Server Support

“The server is down”. Those four words can strike fear and despair in the hearts of users and company management. It means that operations would be halted or badly disrupted and users will not be able to perform daily tasks such as access files and run critical applications. Most often, servers are ignored when it is functioning properly. Just as good parents keep an eye on their children when there are no apparent problems, good IT administrators should continuously monitor their servers to catch potential problems early, performing routine maintenance such as application of operating system hot fixes and service parks, and regularly reviewing event logs for error or information messages. CARE offers IT support that covers regular preventive maintenance, server monitoring and server troubleshooting that ensure client’s servers are in good health to prevent major server issues and breakdown.

Server Implementation


Clients often spent valuable resources acquiring the right server for their companies. Now clients need to implement the server into their IT infrastructure quickly to realize the full potential and benefits of their investment, and to prevent operations downtime or business disruptions. Rely on CARE’s IT experts to deploy and implement the server. Clients can benefit from immediate server implementation for continued productivity. CARE’s team of experienced and dedicated IT engineers makes it easy for clients to respond to IT demands and complexities by providing clients with expert assistance on server implementations to ensure minimal risk of downtime and disruption.

Server Installation and Configuration


CARE is able to install and configure servers to cater to the specific needs of client’s organization. CARE’s IT professionals are proficient in carrying out the below Server configurations.

  • Email Server running on Microsoft Exchange and other Linux based platform
  • Web Server such as IIS (Internet Information Server), Apache, TomCat
  • Application Server such as Sharepoint, RedHat JBoss, Oracle Weblogic
  • Database Server such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle
  • Clustering Solutions for your critical services
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Telephony Service using VOIP

Server Migration


Server migration is the process whereby data is being moved from one server to another. Data may ne moved between servers for security reasons, because equipment is being replaced, and for any number of other reasons. This process is recommended to be performed by IT specialists who work specifically with servers, although it is also possible for people with some computer skills to migrate their own data between servers. CARE has Microsoft certified server administrators to perform the delicate task of server migrations specifically to eliminate the risks associated with server migrations.

During the server migration process, data may be temporarily inaccessible. The IT professionals performing the migration may need to reformat the data so that it will be accessible in the new server or take other steps to ensure that the migration goes smoothly. Data must be backed up and plans must be made to keep the data secure during the transition process.

Server Monitoring


Server monitoring can help companies reach the goals of achieving higher availability of IT operations, better application performance, and provides insight to an overview of the IT environment or reporting capabilities. Through server monitoring, companies can act on warnings before it affects the IT services. Manual function tests that are often overlooked can also be automated through server monitoring processes. CARE’s server monitoring system scans the server for any error or warning so that IT professionals are aware of the fault even before users reports it. It is a effective preventive approach that enables real time monitoring thus ensuring maximum server uptime.