Vendor Management


Clients often need many IT related services that requires some IT knowledge to manage these vendors. CARE’s offers a hassle free vendor management service so that clients can have a single point of contact for all IT related services and issue. CARE are experts in the IT and are able to work with client’s appointed vendors to strategize and make the offered product or service better so that clients get the best end of the deal.

Understanding client’s needs

  • CARE team will understand client’s needs and goals
  • Research on available products and/or solutions
  • Discussion with client and make recommendations

Vendor Selection

  • Propose list of viable vendors
  • Evaluation of vendor’s abilities to delivery and meet client’s goal
  • Discussion with client for final vendor selection

Vendor Management

  • Communicate and strategize with appointed vendor for targeted results
  • Schedule timeline and deliverables
  • Completion of client’s targeted goal and/or ongoing management