IT Services

All organizations need IT to be faster, smarter, smoother and better. CARE’s IT Services allows organizations to tap on our company’s technical expertise to aid in the process of creation, management and optimization of information technology thus enhancing business operations. With our wide range of IT services offered, CARE acts as the organization’s IT team or an extension to the organization’s in-house IT team to plan, deliver, operate and manage IT processes through continual improvement.

IT Troubleshooting


Common IT problems can be annoying and irritating to users. While most of these problems cause frustration to users, it is not serious enough to stop users from carrying out their job duties. Users can have a good experience working on their computers by having these common IT problems eliminated once and for all. Resolving common IT problems is a daily affair for the CARE Team; we guarantee a quick resolution with minimal downtime.

The true test of IT troubleshooting is when CARE has to deal with an IT emergency, typically involving network troubleshooting or server troubleshooting. In such instances, the client’s IT operation has come to a standstill and every second that passes is a further indictment on the IT operation as a whole. CARE’s IT Team of certified engineers are well equipped to handle highly stressful situations and are prepared to have a singular focus on finding a key to the major IT problem looking for a way over, under, around, or through the problem to free our client of the confinement of any major IT issues.

IT Infrastructure Implementation


Client’s typically request for an IT infrastructure implementation when they have certain goals or needs in mind they aim to achieve. When an IT infrastructure is designed, a proper study needs to be done on the basic requirements like network devices required, servers, storage and other software’s required. CARE will research and plan the IT gadgets that are needed for the IT infrastructure implementation then propose and justify the need for the hardware and software along with the timeline for implementation.

Clients can expect to be informed and kept in the loop on the stages of IT infrastructure implementation they are at and achieve the targeted goals to be met upon project completion.

IT Relocation


CARE offers secure and confidential Office IT relocation services that include management of all information technology aspects of the office move. CARE has vast experience with addressing very specific technology relocation issues and executing an entire physical move of the office IT. To ensure clients experience minimum business impact during the IT relocation, CARE works diligently to assist clients in the planning of new office IT layout, network ports requirement (data & voice), and network devices required and liaising with interior designers, main contractors, internet service providers & movers to minimize the risk of what could be a very stressful and disruptive procedure.

Controlled, Graceful System Shutdown:

  • Covers entire IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, UPS, backup libraries, switches, routers, firewalls, and workstations.

Disconnect and Reconnect Services:

  • Work is performed on-site at both locations.
  • Scheduling accommodates evening and weekend hours to keep customers operating without interruption during the business week.

Data Reliability and Continuity of Operations:

  • Operations uptime plan to ensure minimum business impact on the client and its customers.
  • Complete data backup and validation using client-provided backup systems.
  • Assurance of application integrity.
  • Network refresh service.
  • Specialized relocation security audit.

Vendor Management:

  • Coordination with moving company.
  • Management of power upgrades.
  • Selection of new Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Cabling for data/voice.
  • Copier services.
  • Coordination with office furniture vendor.

Relocation Consulting Services:

  • Relocation planning and timing strategies.
  • Facilities planning: line drops; server room configuration and arrangement; power considerations; HVAC requirements; infrastructure hosting and testing.
  • Business operational considerations: changes in worker access, including temporary or new permanent telecommuting; relocation policies; new operating policies; security impact assessment and planning; voice over IP (VOIP) planning; unified messaging integration.

Vendor Management


Clients often need many IT related services that requires some IT knowledge to manage these vendors. CARE’s offers a hassle free vendor management service so that clients can have a single point of contact for all IT related services and issue. CARE are experts in the IT and are able to work with client’s appointed vendors to strategize and make the offered product or service better so that clients get the best end of the deal.

Understanding client’s needs

  • CARE team will understand client’s needs and goals
  • Research on available products and/or solutions
  • Discussion with client and make recommendations

Vendor Selection

  • Propose list of viable vendors
  • Evaluation of vendor’s abilities to delivery and meet client’s goal
  • Discussion with client for final vendor selection

Vendor Management

  • Communicate and strategize with appointed vendor for targeted results
  • Schedule timeline and deliverables
  • Completion of client’s targeted goal and/or ongoing management