VPN Setup


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network by creating a secure network connection over a public network such as the Internet or a private network owned by a service provider. The most important thing that clients need to know about VPN is that it secures the computer’s internet connection such that all information passes through is encrypted. Therefore, the information transmitted between the two locations via the encrypted tunnel cannot be read by anyone else because the system contains several elements to secure both the company’s private network and the outside through which the remote user connects through.

VPN setups are especially important as business expands to additional sites or when companies allow the flexibility of permitting employees to connect to the office network from home so that they have access to the resources that they need to be productive. Contact our team of IT security experts to get your secure tunnel VPN setup today to ensure your company’s data is protected from outside threats and that connections from outside office are encrypted.