IT Support

Do SMEs Need IT Support?

One of the major challenges that companies face trying to manage their own in-house IT team has to do with the amount of money spent attempting to do so. Much of the costs are invested into training people to keep them up to date with the latest technologies. Not to mention advertising, sourcing, hiring and retraining costs that are involved during a turnover.

The good news is that outsourcing IT support services to a firm that specializes in providing comprehensive IT support to its clients will eliminate all these costs and replace them with fixed costs so that companies know what they are spending.

The Evolving IT Support

Historically, IT support was focused on dealing with systems when issues or breakdowns occur. As time went by, IT professionals began to identify certain signs that tended to precede system breakdowns. Instead of fixing issues when they happen, the current focus is on monitoring and testing IT performance for signs of problems. Today, IT support covers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Remote IT Support
  • Telephone IT support
  • Onsite IT Support
  • Monitoring of IT systems
  • Managing and resolving system problems
  • Backup System Implementation and Monitoring
  • Helpdesk Services

Why Companies Need IT Support

IT Support is increasingly necessary in today’s technology driven business world. Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) do not have the resources to devote to hiring and managing full time IT experts as employees, thus making the engagement of an IT support firm the preferred option when it comes to ensuring their IT infrastructure functions properly.

Most SMEs uses a variety of IT assets for daily business operations. Setting up this complex array of IT solutions often requires high level of IT expertise. As information technology becomes more powerful, it performs mission critical tasks for many SMEs and malfunctioning or poorly managed IT systems will impose costs in the form of impaired productivity and reduced efficiency.

With the increasing amount of transactions and trades conducted online, the threat of security breaches that imperil a company’s trade secrets and data has grown in lockstep. An IT support provider have the expertise to help businesses take the necessary steps to ward against data breaches and other threats to IT system.

Even with a proper functioning IT system, employees require assistance on the use of various IT assets which an IT support firm with the necessary expertise can provide. As these IT systems become more complex, SMEs must spend correspondingly greater amount of time and effort in maintaining and managing them. Enlisting a specialist IT support firm to perform these services allows SMEs to focus on what is does best – its core operations and competencies.