IT Helpdesk

The key to technology helping companies is to keep IT functions available and operational as much as possible to the employees. IT helpdesk is a resource designed for employees to contact IT professionals when they are having problems with their IT equipment. CARE’s IT helpdesk is a multi-tired troubleshooting approach that ensure users get direct help to our knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals. Our IT helpdesk is available on a 24x7 basis and is cost effective for companies to use as an IT call center for their global or regional offices. Faults can be reported easily by users through phone, email or eTicketing systems.

CARE’s IT Helpdesk is effective as it has an advance system that allows:

  • Knowledge Management – Our Help Desk have a system that improves operational efficiencies by reducing the time spent to rediscover previous incidents or problems.
  • Problem Management – Our Help Desk have a system that gathers information during incident management to help spot problems. This system will identify the root cause of frequent recurring incidents by capturing information in a knowledge base.